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“Michael's team helped us develop the most effected sales and coaching programs we've ever had.  We fell into the trap of tolerating too much mediocrity as we got bluffed out into thinking all the answers were in better technology.  Now, our sales team is doing the stuff that matters.  Meeting with more high capacity buyers and using the absolute best consultative sales process out there.  Dycoco is the best..”

​​Robert S. - Director of Sales - Large Internet Technology Firm

Sales Teams are rarely challenged to become great at the basic selling skills

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The 3 VItal Elements
of a world-Class Sales Training approach...

Top performing sales people, do three things better than everyone else:

  1. They communicate the basic message about their company, products and service in a more interesting, compelling and credible way than their competitors.
  2. They use an effective sales interactive process that lowers resistance, identifies needs and draws out decision making barriers in a relationship building way.
  3. They spend more time doing the tasks that really matter.  They speak to more decision makers, manage their time better and focus on the account development tasks that generate maximum results 

This is EXACTLY what sales training should focus on but all too often, sales people never master the core sales language that is essential and they are weak using the consultative sales process.  Sales training is often more informational and analytical and lacks the practice and repetition needed to become great at communicating the core messages that generate sales.

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How to Build

a world-class sales organization

By far, the biggest mistake we have seen, when it comes to how companies train their sales teams, is spending way too little time on practice and mastering the basic sales language.  It takes MUCH MORE practice and repetition with effective coaching to become persuasive and credible at communicating:

  • Competitive advantages and differentiating factors
  • A value proposition that has real impact
  • Preemptive language that reduces the likelihood of objections from surfacing in the decision making process
  • Answers to the question -- "Why should I do business with you instead of your competitors?"
  • Effective language to generate more sales activity.  Attention getters, voice mail messages, gatekeepers, etc.

Companies spend way too little time training the sales people how to communicate this information.  They need practice, coaching, more practice and ideally, some video recording and playback to break bad habits that reduce their effectiveness.

Dycoco has, by far, the most rigorous, challenging and demanding sales training on basic sales language offered anywhere, at any price.   It is easy to "know" what to say, but much harder to verbalize it.  This is the challenge.  To turn knowledge into verbal power.  Most sales training builds a knowledge base but falls short when it comes to converting that knowledge into verbal power that translates into sales results.  

Once the sales team is very effective with the basic sales language, then focus on how to apply a proven consultative sales process that builds rapport, identifies real needs and tailors a solution that fits what the customer needs.  Once again, this is easier to understand, that it is to do.  Sales people need a lot of practice and, unfortunately, too often sales training generates a lot of discussion, analysis and a big case study exercise, but little repetition and practice.

Dycoco has a powerful consultative sales process that is easily tailored to any sales team.  The training process is more challenging with considerably more practice and coaching than any other training available anywhere, at any cost.

After the sales team masters the basic sales language and sales process, then focus on topics like account development, generating more sales activity, time management and complex account selling topics.

Dycoco is one of the few consulting companies that guarantees results.  And we're talking about a no-nonsense guarantee.  No legal baloney.   Our programs are guaranteed to dramatically improve the skills of the sales team or we refund everything.  

Our training process is more rigorous and demanding and it generates better results.  The coaching is more intense, the demonstrations are more powerful and the follow-up is executed better.  

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