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​​We are working on a new book project and currently interviewing innovative and original thinking Sales Executives, Managers and Training experts to tap into their thinking on what matters most when it comes to ideas that can accelerate sales team performance.  This book is built to find the timeless wisdom that gets to the very heart of why the best sales professionals produce consistently outstanding results.

We wrote the 17-week LA Times best seller "If You're Not Out Selling, You're Being Out Sold."  ​ In 1996, we started OutSell Consulting which grew to a 60-person, international consulting firm with clients including Google, Morgan Stanley, Avis, PIMCO, American Funds, Bank of America, Time Warner, Cox, Direct TV, Convergys and many others.

We have worked with thousands of sales people from sales teams all over the world and we're combining that knowledge with interviews of successful sales professionals to create a unique outlook on the timeless ideas that lead to the highest level of selling results.

TIMELESS SALES WISDOM is a book written by successful Sales Professionals about what sets the top performers apart and, more importantly, the timeless advice on how to take your sales career to a higher level.

The Top Performers don't get there by accident.  This book is about finding out exactly what we can do to join them at the top.

“The interview for "Sales Levers" was a lot of fun.  It gave me a chance to really think about all the things I've learned in my career and pay it forward.  I've learned so much from others that really helped me with my career and it was a pleasure to make at least a small contribution to the success of others through being a part of this book.  Michael and Jeff are real experts when it comes to working with Sales Professionals”

​​Robert S. - Director of Sales - Large Internet Technology Firm

Interview phase - Project Information

Michael is actively looking for successful and interesting Sales Executives, Managers and Sales Training Experts to interview and be quoted in this book.    We interviewed dozens of Top Performing Sales People for "If You're Not Out Selling, You're Being Out Sold" and it made a big contribution to the success of that book.  

All the quotes will be approved by the individuals being interviewed prior to being used/published and It is up to the person being interviewed whether to use his/her full name or the company he/she is working with.  We would like to make it as easy as possible for the right people to participate.

If you or someone you know would be interested in being interviewed and quoted in the book, please contact me at jeff@dycoco.com.

Interview topics to include:​

Michael St Lawrence, often called the “the Coach that coaches the Sales Coaches” is the Founder of Dycoco and the Sales Gym and a Consultant to leading companies like American Funds, Electronic Arts, Morgan Stanley, Comcast, Anthem and many others..  He has worked with thousands  of Sales Professionals and sales teams on projects to increase sales, improve sales coaching and create a more powerful sales culture.  His unique style of understanding how sales teams tick and what Sales Coaches can do now to improve results has made him what Sales Executives call... "the go-to sales team coach."

Michael is conducting interviews with interesting Sales Professionals from all over the world to discover what it is they believe has created their success and, more importantly what ideas they can share to help others accelerate their own results.

More Intel for Sales Execs

  • What top performing sales team members have that is different from others?  What skills, habits and attitudes set them apart?
  • How top performers became top performers?  What did they do to learn and progress faster than the people around them?
  • What role is technology playing in changing the sales profession
  • Building rapport and receptivity fast
  • Questions, listening and the discovery step
  • How to give compelling presentations
  • Getting and Staying Motivated
  • How to Manage a Top Performing Team
  • How to find and recruit top performers
  • Finding new business and earning it
  • Technology, change and sales tools