There's a reason why so many leading sales organizations like Google, Morgan Stanley, American Funds, PIMCO, Avis, Amgen, Starwood, Hotels.com, Yelp have brought Michael St Lawrence and Dycoco in to upgrade their sales training...  Because it works and it works fast.  Dycoco's sales training focuses on what matters most -- the skills that top performers master that enable their performance to accelerate faster than the competition.  Here's what people have to say...

“It’s easy to kid yourself into thinking your sales people know the basics like how to communicate competitive advantages or deliver a 60-second elevator speech.   The reality is most of our people had weak skills in these areas until we started working with Dycoco and OutSell.   Now that our team has got that basic foundation in place, the more complex account development processes we use are creating better results."

Laura A - Sales Director - Media Advertising

“We took Michael’s advice and focused all of our Sales Training for 2014 on the Bedrock Sales Communication Tools and stopped all training on more “advanced” selling stuff.  What an impact it made.  I’ve been managing this sales team for 7 years and this is the first time that I hear everyone talking to our customers with confidence, conviction and a really powerful message.   Our activity levels up up a whopping 36% and we’re closing 15% more deals than we ever have.  The fundamentals really do pay off.”
Rick L - Sales Manager - Financial Services Wholesaler

"I learned more about how to coach and train my sales team from Dycoco in one week than all the sales management and coaching programs I’ve taken from everyone combined over the last 10 years.  Their information and training is much more practical and useful than any training I’ve ever attended.  I've never seen our sales people work so hard in a training program and make so much progress in one week.   Wish we had found them years ago."

Peter S - Sales Manager - Tech Sector

“The way Dycoco taught us to integrate competency thresholds into the way Sales Managers coach their sales teams was ingenious.  So simple and so effective... it's perplexing why we didn't think of it when we first started training our Sales Managers to become Sales Coaches.  Now, our Sales Managers are truly accountable for coaching and we have crystal clear visibility into how they are coaching in real time."

Sarah R - EVP Sales - Luxury Vacation Rentals

“We have a lot of senior Sales People that are usually kind of resistant to sales training.  Dycoco suggested we interview a cross-section of them first to see how strong they were with the more basic selling fundamentals.  Surprisingly, they weren't as good as we thought they were.  Instead of doing more training on complex account development strategies, we brought Dycoco in to work on more basic presentation skills and it was fantastic.  Our senior people loved it because they got relevant and tough coaching.  We made a lot of progress since bringing in Dycoco..”

Carol M - VP Training - Media Advertising

“We took Dycoco and Michael up on their guaranteed offer to work with our Sales Trainers.  Honestly, we thought they were pretty good and were just looking for an interesting quarterly event for them.  Were we ever surprised.  We had no idea how intense the coaching would be on giving demonstrations, directions, telling stories, and debriefing a discussion.  We had so much to learn and we weren't even aware of it.   We followed that introduction workshop up with a 3 day Sales Trainer boot camp and the progress our Sales Trainers have made is amazing.  We're now using them in ways we never imagined just a few months ago.  They have become, what Michael jokingly calls our special ops secret weapon.”

Sean T - VP Sales - Financial Services

“As a Sales Trainer that has been through 3 or 4 good programs on delivery skills, I thought I had pretty much mastered the craft.  Our company brought Michael from Dycoco to work with 5 of us for 3-days and we were blown away.  We had no idea how important repetitive incremental skills drills are and frankly, we had no idea how to teach them.  We give better demonstrations now, tell more effective, shorter stories and our coaching has gone to a much higher level.  Dycoco's approach is fantastic.”

Jaimie R. - Sales Trainer

“I remember the first day of the Dycoco sales program we went through.  We thought it was going to be a waste of time because it was focused on stuff we thought we already knew.  Were we ever mistaken.  I have never made so much progress on how to apply the consultative sales process in any other program.  The practice sessions are so intense and you have to learn it to move forward.  My confidence in communicating differentiating factos and competitive advantages has gone on 100%.   It was the best and most relevant sales training I've ever been through..”

Paula T - Account Representative - Internet Sales

“After Dycoco, I finally learned how to be a good Sales Coach.  I thought I knew was Sales Coaching was, but in reality, I didn't.  I thought it was about goals, pipeline reviews, motivating and getting to know my team members better.  What we learned from Dycoco is that sales coaching is about building skills with fast and powerful drills and practice sessions.  My sales meetings are now a high point of the week where, in the past they were kind of a downer for the team..”

Jacob C - Sales Manager/Coach - Retail Banking

“We truly had no idea how weak our sales training programs were until we started working with Michael St Lawrence and Dycoco.   We were focusing way too much on topics that weren't generating much sales improvement.  When our sales team experienced Dycoco's programs, they were blown away.   Sales increases started immediately.  There is no doubt in my mind they have the best approach with the most rigorous, coaching based approach anywhere.  I fully recommend them.”
Elizabeth F - Sales Training Manager - Financial Services

“I have seen a huge shift in our entire sales team.  Finally, our Sales Managers are actually COACHING their Sales People.  I peeked in on a sales meeting the other day and actually saw a Sales Manager conducting a value proposition practice exercise.   That has never happened before.   Thank you for the impact on our sales culture which is exactly what we were hoping for.”
Lance J - Sales Director - Logistics / Freight Forwarding

“When Michael asked me what kind of training we provide our in-house sales trainers with, I told him we'd done a lot of TTT programs.  He asked if they'd ever been really coached.  I though they had.  We brought him in for a 2-day Boot Camp Intensive and WOW... that was what intensive coaching is all about.  Every trainer said they made more progress in those 2-days than they had in the previous 2 years.  Their coaching on how to deliver interactive training is the best of the best. "
Frank A - Training Director - Financial Services Sector

“The Sales Training with Dycoco was, by far, the most effective I have ever been through.  I’ve been selling for 17 years and thought this program would be a complete waste of time.   You guys were the first people that really forced me to stand and deliver in the training room.  The amount of improvement we made as a team at communicating such fundamental things like our value proposition and differentiating factors was amazing.   I thought we knew that stuff, but obviously we didn’t."
Erik L - Senior Sales Professional - Telecommunications Sector

“Dycoco has  a completely different approach to Sales Training than anything we've ever done.  There is so much more practice and coaching in their program and that's what sets them apart.  They really force you to learn how to verbalize the concepts that lead to better results.  It's not as analytic as other programs we've tried.  Their Sales Coaching program was far and away the best we have ever used.”
Tara Y - VP - Sales Training - Payroll and HR Services

“Our Sales Training Team has truly transformed since we started working with Dycoco.  In the past, they did mostly new hire training an some occasional workshops.  We realize now we were under-staffed and we just didn't train our Trainers to be able to delivery better training and, more importantly do follow-up coaching and testing using competency thresholds.  The value we now bring to the Saes Team is much higher.”
Julia R - VP Sales - Medical Industry

“I learned from Dycoco that if I don't coach my Sales Managers, they are simply not going to coach their Sales Teams.  I understood that for years, but I never really understood what to do in terms of coaching so that it would get better results.  Their approach with competency thresholds, simulations and top performer recordings is amazing.  I'm surprised more companies don't have these systems in place.  They really work..”
Gregory L - Regional Sales Manager - Logistics Services

"I’ve been a Speaker’s Agent a long time.   Michael St Lawrence is the best coach for high end Speakers I’ve ever met.  He has the experience and credibility get these talented people to break the bad habits they’ve gotten into.  It’s remarkable the impact he has.”
Sheila J - Speakers Bureau Agent

“I nervously invested a lot of money in getting coaching on my keynote speaking from Dycoco.   From the moment I met Michael St Lawrence, I knew I had made the right decision.  His coaching goes way, way beyond feedback.   It reminds me of what I’d expect elite athletes experience when they work with their personal trainers.   It’s intense, demanding and my improvement has been really exciting.   When Michael tears apart a story and then reconstructs it 50% better than I was telling it, it’s amazing.  Never met anyone that can improve a speech the way he can”
Cheri D - Professional Speaker - Relationship Building in Business

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