"We were very skeptical when we heard Dycoco offers a full guarantee for their consulting services.   We have worked with many training and consulting companies over the years and no one ever offered a guarantee and, in fact, would make up a lot of excuses or fine print exceptions when we brought it up.   We set up a small pilot test with two 20-person sales teams and essentially took their advice and focused most of our effort on the Sales Coaches and utilizing their competency thresholds sales coaching method.  It was so simple and effective we couldn't believe we hadn't thought of it before.  Finally,  we saw our Sales Managers COACHING and we had a fantastic way to measure it.  We could see visually the improvement of skills improving on a weekly basis.  Our Sales Managers were finally accountable for training and coaching their people.  What makes Dycoco different, at least in my mind, is that they approach the issue of increasing sales in a very practical way.  It's not theory.   Their training and coaching is much more intense and useful than anything we've tried in the past.  Their people know how to demonstrate and coach in a way that is more challenging and effective."

Terri L. - SVP Sales - Consumer Products Sector

After the assessment, interview and listen to Top Performers (Sales People and Managers)

After the assessment and a project has been agreed on, it's important to spend more time learning from Top Performers to determine the gaps between how they interact with prospects and customers and everyone else.  These gaps are where the opportunity is.  Most of our clients want us to build a robust training and coaching system that includes top performer recordings and simulation coaching scenarios that are based on how top performers respond to selling challenges.   These top performer recordings dramatically reduce long-term training expense and form the foundation for a consistent and high output coaching platform that ALL Sales Managers can utilize.

"Dycoco is quite different from other training and consulting companies we've worked with and we've worked with most of them.  They are much less academic about it.  They are very efficient about how they deliver training and coaching that has immediate impact.  Absolutely no one we have ever worked with has the kind of challenging sales skills drills that Dycoco has.   They take repetition and coaching to a much higher level and, as such, their programs are more demanding.   I've seen more improvement in our Sales People and Sales Managers after two weeks with Dycoco than we saw in years of training with some of the other consultants we've used.

Frank P. - EVP  - Commercial Banking

What Dycoco Clients Have to Say:

Step-by-Step, How We Help Clients Increase Sales

Use the Sales Training element to upgrade Sales Trainers skills

Although Dycoco has a very talented team of Sales Trainers that can deliver virtually any type of Sales Training program, we like to see our clients develop their internal resources because this is the best way to drive down costs and increase results.  We can train Sales Trainers in a way that is much more challenging and will improve their skills in ways they never imagined possible.  We typically co-facilitate with in-house Sales Trainers until their delivery capabilities and follow-up coaching is at the highest level realistically possible.

Step-by-step, how Dycoco projects typically work:

"We brought in Dycoco because we heard they had a more practice and coaching oriented delivery and follow-up style and I can honestly say, they are very different than any training group we've seen.   Their style is much more like the way sports teams train than what you typically see in corporate sales training classes.  A lot more practice and coaching.  For the first time, we saw EVERY person come out of training able to verbalize our value proposition and competitive advantages and that just never happened before.  

We're now measuring sales coaching using the competency threshold methodology and it is a huge improvement for us.   We now have a very effective way to hold our Sales Managers accountable the same way we hold our Sales People accountable.   Dycoco has a unique approach that is more action oriented and their coaching is much more effective as a result.  It fit out culture perfectly.

Hans R. - SVP Sales - Commercial Real Estate

"We had been working on getting our Sales Managers to do more coaching for 3 years before we brought in Dycoco, so this was not a new program for us.  What was different about Dycoco's approach, is they really know how to get Sales Managers to DO coaching, not just talk about it.  Their method of combining top performer recordings and sales simulations exercises is absolutely brilliant and it was a real missing link for us.  Now, I can look in our CRM system and track coaching interactions the same way we track sales interactions.  The transformation has been amazing and much faster than any of us expected.  When it comes to building a sales coaching culture, Dycoco knows how to do it the right way."

Rod R.  - EVP Sales - Internet Advertising Sales

Begin the Training Phase by focusing first on Sales Managers and Sales Trainers

For whatever reason, we find that there is often an over emphasis on training the Sales People with nowhere near enough emphasis on the Sales Managers and Sales Trainers.  This is why follow-up sales coaching tends to be the weakest link in most sales organizations.  Dycoco projects have a stronger emphasis on coaching and follow-up than virtually all other sales consulting groups.   When the Sales Managers and Sales Trainers are interacting with the Sales People in a more effective and dynamic way, training costs are dramatically reduced.

How Dycoco Projects Typically Work

Execute a follow-up plan of refreshers and skills clinics

We often help our clients plan out a 2-year strategy to reinforce the initial training.  This is done with refresher workshops, skills clinics and remote coaching, depending on the needs of the company and capabilities of their internal trainers.

We take a close look at the sales process to determine if any upgrades are needed

Most of our clients already have a solid consultative sales process in place.  The problem tends to be a lack of consistency in using it and varying skill levels from Sales Person to Sales Person.   In some cases, often because of rapid growth or acquisitions, our clients need us to help them develop and deliver a new, consistent sales process.  Either way, sales will improve when Sales People are more skillful at using a proven sales process.  We have extensive experience observing Sales People to determine how skillful they are at applying a proven consultative sales method.


Realistic Goals and Objectives are set 

Certainly, every project has at its core the goal of increasing sales while driving down costs.  Other objectives that the project is designed to impact often include:

  • Dramatically improving the quality and consistency of Sales Coaching
  • Developing the potential of the Sales Training Team inside and outside the training room.  Help them build the capabilities needed to do remote           coaching in a variety of different ways.
  • Improve the customer's buying experience 
  • Identify and transfer more of the Top Performers capabilities to the rest of the Sales Team

All projects begin with an assessment of strengths and weaknesses

Every project we take on begins with an assessment of the abilities, potential and performance of the Sales People, Sales Managers and Sales Training Team.  We are interested in listening to Top Performers in terms of what works, what could work better and how they interact with customers and Sales Managers.  Our assessments are quick, efficient and give a clear indication of the real potential that can be achieved quickly.

We analyze the delivery and coaching capability of the internal Sales Training Team, if one exists

We truly believe the Sales Training Team can become a powerful "secret weapon" for the Sales Organization if they develop great training, facilitation and coaching skills.  Most Sales Organization do not build and utilize their Training Team in a way that truly taps the potential they can bring.  Interestingly, Sales Trainers often receive very little training and coaching on how to be fantastic in the training room.  One of the best ways to lower costs in the Sales Organization is to increase the skills, flexibility and capabilities of the Sales Trainers

Launch a Competency Thresholds system for Sales Coaching and certification 

If you want more sales coaching, you've got to measure it.   One of the reasons sales coaching is such a common weakness is Sales Executives spend much more time looking at sales data, pipeline forecasts and reports and they just don't make coaching visible.  Competency thresholds with effective sales simulation scenarios that Sales Managers learn to use as their primary coaching method, makes sales coaching as visible as pipeline reports.   This is a powerful tool that, along with top performer recordings, really accelerates the improvement of Sales People.

Companies including Google, Morgan Stanley,, PIMCO, Avis, Hotels.com, American Funds, CH Robinson, Time Warner and many others typically hire Dycoco to:

  1. Improve the way Sales People interact with customers/prospects
  2. Upgrade and refine the sales process being used
  3. Teach and coach Sales Managers how to become Sales Coaches
  4. Work with Sales Executives to build a stronger sales culture
  5. Build the capabilities and strengths of the Sales Training Team

GUARANTEED Results!   To our knowledge, Dycoco is the only  sales consulting company to guarantee results.   We only take on projects if we believe substantial progress is possible.   This guarantee keeps everyone focused on what matters most.

Although it is tempting to believe that training Sales People is the best way to invest training dollars and resources, we have found that teaching and coaching Sales Managers how to become better at sales coaching is as important and in many companies more important.   In addition, building a capable and talented Sales Training Team that can do every aspect of training, coaching and follow-up gives the Sales Executives a lot more flexibility and options.

Recently, for a book I'm writing, I interviewed 75 Sales Executives for a book I'm working on.   73 of them said, without hesitation, that front-line sales coaching was their biggest weakness.  This is consistent with what we see on project after project with our clients.  We know how to turn sales coaching into a competitive advantage quickly.

Dycoco projects are designed from the ground up to build the sales coaching and training skills and internal talent to create a sustainable and potent sales culture not dependent on outside training consultants.

Sales People that fail typically do so because:

  • They don't speak with  enough high potential prospects/buyers on a consistent basis
  • They are ineffective at using a solid consultative sales process that builds rapport, identifies high value needs and tailors a solution around the concerns that matter most to the buyer/prospect.
  • They cannot credibly and persuasively verbalize important information like competitive advantages, value propositions, differentiating factors or even leaving a voice mail that gets positive attention and a quick callback.

Sales training, coaching and follow-up should be designed to address these problems head on, relentlessly and skillfully.

"One of the most surprising outcomes of our relationship with OutSell has been how much better our Sales Training Team has gotten.  We used to think they were pretty good, but really they were just average.   Dycoco has the most intense training and coaching for Sales Trainers I've ever seen, by far.  Now, our Trainers can deliver much better practice and coaching in the training room, but more importantly, we use them now as a type of internal 'special ops' team that can deliver remote sales coaching when its needed or even go into a territory and really help our Sales Managers get into the right habits.   That is a capability that we never had that came from the training project we brought Dycoco in for."

Janice L. - VP Training - Financial Services