I am actively looking for successful and interesting professionals that sell big ideas and complex projects.  Architects that sell big development projects, Agents and Producers that sell screenplays, stories and movies, entrepreneurs that sell start-up ideas and others.

We interviewed dozens of Top Performing Sales People for "If You're Not Out Selling, You're Being Out Sold" and it made a big contribution to the success of that book.  

All the quotes will be approved by the individuals being interviewed prior to being used/published and It is up to the person being interviewed whether to use his/her full name or the company he/she is working with.  I would like to make it as easy as possible for the right people to participate.

If you or someone you know would be interested in being interested and quoted in the book, please contact me at msl@dycoco.com.

The focus of this book is to identify what it is that the best people in business do to sell ideas, projects and complex proposals.  This is not a book for a sales person that makes 100's of cold calls a week, this is about the art of selling ideas... ideas that are often expensive to execute... to the people that can fund and make those ideas come to life.   Specifically, the key areas of this book include:

  • What is the best way to start a presentation when an idea is big and complex.
  • What are decision makers looking for when it comes to a presentation of a new project or idea and why does this matter?
  • How the most compelling and persuasive people that sell big ideas do it.  What sets them apart from all the rest.
  • How persuasive people build rapport quickly so that curiosity increases and resistance decreases.
  • The role that audio visual tools can play in bringing complex ideas to the table.
  • What matters most to the listener when we're pitching new ideas.  How to focus on the factors that matter most.
  • What destroys credibility.  How to avoid rookie mistakes.
  • Advice from top performing professionals that are consistently selling big ideas.
  • How to utilize technology to make a presentation come to life.
  • What are the personality factors that the most persuasive people have that we can learn from.  How did they develop these abilities.
  • What kinds of training can help all types of professionals to become better at pitching new ideas and gaining acceptance from decision makers.

Michael St Lawrence - 17-week Times Best Selling Author and Founder of Dycoco and OutSell Consulting, Inc.

Core selling tools

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“Michael's team helped us develop the most effected sales and coaching programs we've ever had.  We fell into the trap of tolerating too much mediocrity as we got bluffed out into thinking all the answers were in better technology.  Now, our sales team is doing the stuff that matters.  Meeting with more high capacity buyers and using the absolute best consultative sales process out there.  Dycoco is the best..”

​​Robert S. - Director of Sales - Large Internet Technology Firm

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New Book Project - Interview Phase
Interviews with Professionals that sell ideas and projects

​​I'm working on a new book project and currently interviewing innovative and original thinking Sales Professionals that sell complex ideas, projects and proposals.   This book is about pitching ideas in an interesting, compelling and persuasive way.

 I wrote the 17-week LA Times best seller , "If You're Not Out Selling, You're Being Out Sold."   That book contained dozens of interviews with top selling professionals that played a big role in its success.  We expect this new book to become an even bigger best seller and are actively looking for dynamic and interesting professionals to interview for this new book.

In 1996, I started OutSell Consulting which grew to a 60-person, international consulting firm with clients including Google, Morgan Stanley, Avis, PIMCO, American Funds, Bank of America, Time Warner, Cox, Direct TV, Convergys and many others.

Before OutSell, I was with  Dale Carnegie and ran National Sales, Global Accounts and New Product Development and was a national speaker, sharing stages with top business personalities including Tom Peters, Jack Welch, Harvey McKay and Anthony Robbins.

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