90% of Sales People fail because of poor training and follow-up coaching by Managers and Trainers

“Dycoco’s program for our company was, by far, the most challenging sales training I’ve ever taken and I’ve been in sales for 13 years.  I made more progress in the two programs my company did with Dycoco than all the other programs they’ve given us over the last 10 years combined.   The coaching was intense but positive.   The exercises were the toughest I’ve ever been through and that’s what made it so good.”

​​Jack J - Account Manager - Telecom Technology

More often than not, the sales team members that are not top performers are not very effective at the most basic skills of selling.

  • They cannot explain their companies differentiating factors, competitive advantages and value proposition in a compelling, credible and persuasive way.
  • They are not skillful at applying a proven sales process that generates rapport, discovers needs through good questions and listening then tailors the product/service to truly fit what the customer needs.

Every credible study ever done on why Sales People fail has shown it boils down to 3 factors:

  1. They simply do not spend enough time talking to prospects and customers that have the capacity and authority to buy a lot of their product / service
  2. They are not effective at verbalizing the most basic sales information that generates new selling opportunities and differentiates them in a positive way from their competitors
  3. They cannot skillfully use a consultative sales process that builds rapport, identifies needs and tailors a solution to all of the people that influence buying decisions. 

There are Three Distinct Types of Sales Training

  • Programs that focus on the communication challenges of selling
  • Programs that focus on the planning, strategy and account management challenges of selling.
  • Technology-based programs usually focused on CRM systems

All the account development and CRM training in the world is simply not going to move the needle when a sales team member cannot do these things effectively.  From our experience, it is a complete waste of time, energy and money to train sales people on anything else until they demonstrate mastery of these far more fundamental and important selling skills.  

Dycoco, more than any training company on the planet, can quickly turn the fundamentals of selling into one of your company’s most powerful competitive advantages.

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In our opinion, far too much money is spent on the strategic elements of selling when the real problems that are preventing greater success with more members on the sales team have to do with basics like how to communicate competitive advantages more convincingly.  There is a time and place for focusing on things like how to leverage social networking, maximizing the CRM, the account development process, networking, building your personal brand, etc., but it’s very important to keep in mind that all those activities, all that planning, all those keystrokes into a master database ultimately are trying to create the EXACT same thing ... more voice-to-voice or face-to-face selling conversations with people that have the authority to buy a lot of your product and/or service.

It is what happens in those moments, when that sales conversation begins, that determines success. 

Sales Executives that focus their sales teams on MASTERING the core selling skills will get better results.   The barriers to better results are generally the inability to generate high potential activity and skillfully apply a proven sales process on every sales interaction.

  • They don’t talk to enough prospects and customers on a regular basis
  • They do not have an always available list of the 25 high potential buyers they are trying to schedule meetings with.   
  • They do not have a compelling answer to the simple question: “Tell me what you do and a little about your company.
  • They cannot get the customer/prospect to tell him/her the truth about what is causing them not to buy.

Sales People Fail because They are not trained and coached to succeed

It truly is that simple.  When Sales People learn how to verbalize skillfully the key skills that Top Performers use and then are coached rigorously to develop the right habits, they improve or leave.   Too often, mediocre Sales People spread bad habits and dilute the power of the Sales Culture and they are tolerated because:

  • Sales Training Teams do not have the skills and follow-up ability to teach them Top Performer best practices.
  • Sales Managers aren't coaching in an effective and consistent way.  They manage metrics, pipelines and data more aggressively than the kind of practice interactions that improve performance.

Dycoco helps Sales Organizations change this quickly.

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