Surprisingly, many Professional Speakers have never trained with a world-class keynote speaking coach like Dycoco

“I had no idea I had so much to learn about telling stories.  I thought my stories were perfect.  Well, they have improved about 100% since I started working with Michael.  He is the quintessential Speaker’s Coach.  He’s relentless about practice and rehearsing.  That’s exactly what I’ve always avoided and it really paid off.   I’ve gotten more standing ovations in the last 6 months than I got in the last 5 years.”

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  • Commit yourself to working with someone (coach/mentor) that can really coach you, give you honest and direct feedback and show you how to improve your communication habits.
  • If you do not already have a mentor you respect, find one and get advice. 
  • Realize that a simple training program on how to communicate isn’t enough. Becoming a great communicator is very difficult.  Consider how much coaching athletes require to top performers.   Quick, one-shot training programs are great, but they’re not enough if you want to become a GREAT communicator.
  • Set a goal of becoming a fantastic story teller.  Learn to draw from the incidents and lessons of your own, unique life.   Draw on your own experiences to influence those around you.
  • Be on the constant lookout for interesting bits of information that can become part of your communication reserve power tool kit.  Articles, quotes, statistics, stories and illustrations are everywhere.  Notice them and capture them.
  • Learn to use effective levels of enthusiasm and animation to get your message across.

Here are the basics:

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  • Write down the names of a dozen historic figures you admire.  People like Jefferson, Bacon, Michelangelo, Tolstoy, Cicero, Jobs, Edison, Plato, Da Vinci, Einstein, and Feynman and learn some of their best quotes so you can recall them at will.   
  • Become a better listener.  Take an interest in others and use questions to get to know other people better.   Realize the gateway to influence is rapport and the gateway to rapport is good listening.   
  • Take notes.  Write things down.  When you hear a good quote, capture it.  When you see a good article, clip it and take notes.   Get into the habit of looking for and capturing ideas and content from the world around you.
  • Master the fine art of the summary.   Listen to what others have to say and summarize what they tell you before offering your opinion.
  • Seek feedback and coaching.   Nothing else is even close to this in terms of importance.  If you find the right coach, many new doors in your future will become unlocked.​

Speakers, trainers and coaches ask us all the time how to become a great communicator.   The steps are simple and effective, but like so many things in life, require steady effort and discipline to make progress.

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