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“I really thought our in-house sales training team was good.  Then, we tried a 3-day boot camp with Dycoco.  NONE of them could give an effective demonstration of easy things like competitive advantages, the value proposition or differentiating factors.  We learned that when you can't give great demonstrations, the programs are slow and less effective.  The change in our team and the results from our programs after that boot camp was remarkable.  Our team made quantum leap improvement.”

​​Cheri D - Training Director - Large Technology Company

Boot Camp

for in-house sales trainers

In house sales trainers must learn:

Most in-house Sales Trainers learn to become trainers by trial and error.   They watch other trainers, read through the training guides and figure it out because, in most cases, companies do not have people in-house that have the time and experience to rigorously coach a sales trainer to break bad habits and learn the facilitation skills that generate maximum results.

This is where Dycoco comes in.   We have trained hundreds of instructors to become skillful doing the things that matter most in the training room.  Demonstrations, inspiration, summaries, incremental challenges, practice sessions and effective repetition.   This is the stuff that matters that most trainers have very little experience with.

  • How to use repetition to challenge participants to improve in an interesting and fun way
  • How to use great stories to create more energy, inspiration and reinforcement to the most important elements of the training.

Your in house trainers CAN become fantastic, credible and the ultimate weapon for building a world-class sales team.  The best teams have the best training and the best training needs extremely skillful trainers.

Dycoco has powerful 2, 3 and 5 day intensive Sales Trainer Boot Camps that give Sales Trainers the practice, coaching and feedback they've never gotten before.  They break bad habits, acquire good habits and see, with their own eyes, what world-class instruction is really all about.   They get a chance to practice better methods than they are currently using and they get real honest and helpful feedback on their performance.

Often, the weakest link in a sales team is the training.   The reason Navy Seals are the elite forces they are is because of the TRAINING.  Olympic gymnasts become champions because of world-class training.   

Unfortunately, we have found that many Sales Trainers in corporations today receive minimal, if any real training on the skills it requires to conduct FANTASTIC classroom training.  They are often unable to give convincing demonstrations of selling skills, instruct at a painfully slow pace and do not project the credibility needed to impact the Sales Team that is necessary.  All too often, the training they do receive is on new courses, games and gimmicks that account for 10% of the success of a well delivered sales training program.

Dycoco can change this and change it fast.

Why most sales people fail


  • How to deliver fantastic demonstrations of key selling skills
  • How to give crystal clear directions and run dynamic and challenging practice sessions
  • How to mix inspiration, coaching and insightful summaries to break participant's resistance to change

World-class sales trainers must be coached the same way world-class athletes are coached.

Building a World-Class
In-house Sales Training Team...