“Our entire sales training team had absolutely no idea how much we didn't know.   The improvement we made in two-days was nothing short of remarkable.  I can't recommend Dycoco highly enough when it comes to working with sales teams and sales trainers.  They are the best of the best..”

​​Elisa C. - Financial Services Sales Training Executive

Dycoco's approach toward helping sales trainers improve is simple:

  • Demonstrate exactly how to give directions, summarize, tell stories, conduct practice with partners exercises and how to generate the right level of pace
  • Practice with a lot of repetition and coaching.  When a trainer gets one chance to practice and then gets a ton of feedback, that is much less effective than repeated practice with incremental coaching.
  • Focus very hard on the amazing power of good demonstrations.  This is nearly ALWAYS the weakness of corporate trainers and it creates many problems in the training room and dramatically slows the pace of delivery.
  • Focus on the sales skills that really matter.  Sales communication and how to manage and drive the consultative sales process. This is what generates a successful sales team.
  • Practice the very important art of storytelling.  Stories are an essential component of great training and many corporate trainers don't learn how to do it effectively.

Very basic stuff, but not easy.   Sales Trainers are amazed at how quickly they improve when finally, someone that really knows sales training can observe them, coach them and deliver honest feedback that is helpful.  

2, 3 and 5-Day Boot Camp
For Corporate Sales Trainers

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Dynamic Communication Coaching

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You Can't Refuse 

The best corporate sales trainers can execute the core training skills skillfully.  This includes:

  • Giving clear, crisp directions that get participants into action quickly with no confusion
  • Giving demonstrations of selling skills like a value proposition, competitive advantages and product demonstrations skillfully
  • Demonstrating the sales process in a way that generates clarity, credibility and a desire to learn
  • Mixing elements of motivation and inspiration into the training day
  • Telling effective stories that illustrate key points and make them more memorable and interesting
  • Summarizing an exercise in an effective way
  • Talking less, demonstrating and coaching more
  • Using repetitive drills to generate incremental improvement

These are the skills that matter when it comes to sales and customer service training.   Trainer tricks and games are great, but if you're not highly skilled at every one of these areas, your training program is going to move slowly and most of the progress will be in awareness, not real skill building that is retained after the program is over.  

Dycoco's 2-day Sales Trainer Boot-Camp is the most rigorous and demanding training for trainers anywhere.  The practice, repetition, coaching and feedback is relentless.  

And that's why most corporate trainers LOVE it.

Why Sales Training

Is Too Easy 

Why So Many

Sales People Fail

Very few corporate sales trainers have gone through a rigorous training program with extensive coaching and feedback on their delivery skills.   Dycoco has the most powerful, breakthrough generating 2-5 day boot camp for sales trainers available anywhere, at any cost.

Generally speaking, most Sales Trainers  learn by observing others and then, they're pretty much on their own.  They get some feedback on participant survey forms, but in terms of rigorous coaching on how to execute the basics, they learn, for the most part, from trial and error.   

There is a MUCH better way!

Dycoco has been training trainers how to do the really important things like give great demonstrations, give clear and crisp directions, coach, debrief, tell relevant stories and use the varied techniques of repetitive practice leading to steady incremental learning for over 15 years.

Rigorous Training for Sales Trainers that will spark real change!