Often, our clients tell us sales training they have done in the past returned mediocre results and the challenge to get Sales Managers to follow up and reinforce the sales skills it is formidable.  We have found, over the last 15 years, there has been a real shift in sales training toward content that is  analytical and case study oriented. 

More lengthy case studies, often at the end of the program, are used to challenge the participants to apply what they have learned which typically include using a consultative sales process, responding to psychological factors involved, buyer personality types, etc.  All of this stuff is interesting and stimulating, but is it truly addressing the most basic problem that causes most Sales People to fail? 

We have met and interviewed thousands of Sales People and wrote two books based on all that data gathering.   What causes mediocre results is not a poor understanding of the sales process, it's the inability to use the sales process in a credible and persuasive way. 

What we find today is that the three most common causes of poor selling performance are:

  1. Not spending enough minutes during the day speaking with high capacity buyers/customers
  2. Not being able to verbalize the most important sales communication in a convincing and credible way. 
  3. Poor skill at executing the fundamental consultative sales process

Let’s look at the most important sales communication which we call Bedrock Sales Communication Tools:

  • Communicating the three most important competitive advantages of the company
  • Knowing who has the capacity to buy a lot of your product/service and knowing what to say to schedule a meeting or phone appointment with that person
  • Able to communicate a concise and compelling success story of a customer/client of  using a popular product/service
  • Able to answer the question of “what you and your company do?” 
  • Can respond very effectively to the most common objections they get 
  • Explain what it is that makes your company a better choice than your two strongest competitors
  • Can get any sales conversation off to a good start with an effective agenda
  • Knows how to respond when a sales process gets stalled
  • Can explain a new product or service the company is offering in a convincing and interesting way


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Why many sales training 

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What makes Dycoco's approach so unique is how we work simultaneously with the four key elements of a great sales team:

  • Sales People that interact with buyers/clients/customers
  • Sales Managers that nearly always need to do more coaching
  • Sales Executives that need to hold Sales Managers accountable to coach 
  • Sales Trainers that nearly always have more potential to deliver training and do follow-up coaching
“I can’t recommend Dycoco highly enough.Their sales training is the most challenging, most specific and most tailored to our company we’ve ever seen.  Their approach to Sales Coaching finally got our Sales Managers doing what we have been trying to get them to do for the last 3 years”

​​Stuart J. - Sales Executive, Financial Services Firm

Most Sales Training delivered today does not have nearly enough practice and repetition with increasingly rigorous coaching to break bad habits and reinforce new ones.   One or two practice sessions on a new sales skill is simply nowhere near enough.  Consider how many times a Professional Golfer will practice the exact same shot in order to master it.  It seems so many programs are built to cover a lot of material quickly which ignores the reality that it is hard to acquire skills that involve VERBALIZING information and facilitating an interactive, back and forth conversation like the consultative sales process.

Dycoco Sales Training is more rigorous and challenging than anything offered by other sales training companies and we guarantee it

We do this with an rigorous ad challenging drills based delivery style that has much more repetition, practice and coaching than any of our competitors.  It is so remarkable and different, we are willing to make....