“Michael’s ability to watch a keynote and quickly figure out how to make it a lot better is nothing short of phenomenal.   Even more important,  he knows how to coach you to deliver it better on every level.  Energy, animation, clarity, impact, dramatic power, emotion, humor ... he’ll help you milk every drop of potential out of your ideas and keynotes.  Amazing resource for Professional Speakers.  Michael is not the right coach for a beginning Speaker that needs to learn the basics.  He is the Speaking Coach for people that want to get to the absolute top tier.  Take courses, seminars and get your basic skills together, then call Michael to listen to your keynotes and get you to the next level.  He’s the best in the business.”

​​Jennifer M - Professional Speaker - Trends

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DYCOCO’S capabilities

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Authors to become fantastic Speakers 

  • Coaching to become a standing ovation quality keynote speaker with a variety of keynote speeches that appeal to a wide variety of audiences
  • Convert their core message into training projects that Dycoco can help the Author sell and deliver to thousands of people generating millions in training fees.  

DyCoCo can help the Celebrity Author in two distinct ways:

Far too many Author / Speakers focus their creative energy on “back of the room” products like DVD’s, more books, newsletters and subscriptions that might generate thousands in add on sales but completely ignore the possibility of converting a keynote into an ongoing million dollar training project that takes the Author’s core ideas to a much bigger audience.   It takes experience to propose and sell a large training project and even more experience to turn a book into a training program and develop a team of trainers that can deliver the project at a world class level.  This is exactly what Dycoco can do and we do it better than anyone.  We have sold and delivered projects to many leading organizations like Google, Pimco, Morgan Stanley, Avis, Yelp, DIRECTV, University of Phoenix, Time Warner and many others.

If you have the desire to become an in demand keynote speaker that generates consistent standing ovation experiences for your audience and then to convert that excitement into millions of dollars in ongoing training contracts, Dycoco is your partner to make this happen.

Best-selling books generate name ID and the potential for media exposure that create keynote speaking opportunities that generate much more income than book royalties.   Many Authors, however, are better writers than they are speakers and they have minimal experience at taking their core message and converting it into a powerful training product that can generate millions in training contracts after the keynote is over.

Coaching Authors / Speakers ​​
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