Dycoco has sold and delivered million dollar training/coaching projects to demanding Fortune 500 Companies with a Navy Seal quality delivery team

“For years, I would give keynotes and sell books, CD’s and DVD’s as add on revenue.  Dycoco showed us how to structure, sell and deliver training projects that brought in ten times as much revenue as my keynotes.  I wish I had started working this way years ago. They have the team to deliver the projects and I get a guaranteed percentage of the deal.”

​​Deandra Q - Author and Speaker

Many of the projects I’ve sold involve a number of steps such as:

  • Planning with the management team to define the desired results/outcomes
  • Research to determine transferable top performer skills and abilities
  • Program development to build training programs that achieve results
  • Selecting and training a team of training professionals to deliver the training
  • Designing a follow up element to drive and sustain results after the training is delivered
  • Reporting results throughout the project and gaining client feedback and input

Can easily turn those keynotes into long-term, very lucrative training contracts with the help of Dycoco.   What holds Speakers back from doing this is the lack of knowledge of how to write effective proposals and even more difficult, how to build a team of talented professionals to deliver a project that will grow organically over time because of the results it produces. This is what Dycoco gives the Speaker - a partner that knows how to do this at a world-class level.  

How to find the right 

Coach to help you build your speaking revenues 

How to become a top tier

in demand Speaker 

Sometimes the training is delivered by the company’s own internal training people and sometimes they prefer outside trainers instead.  Some projects involve hundreds of project days priced from $1,800-$3,500 a day, depending on which people are involved.

Speakers that talk on subjects that include:

  • Management and leadership
  • Coaching for performance
  • Sales and customer service
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Teamwork and problem solving

Michael St Lawrence - 1/2015

I have sold a lot of big and small training projects over the last 25 years.  The largest was 11 million dollars delivered in a single year. The hardest step in selling a project is building enough rapport and trust with the client for them to make the decision to move forward. When a Speaker delivers a fantastic keynote speech, it creates more trust than 10 sales calls ever could.  This is why a Speaker that delivers great keynotes has a huge advantage at selling follow-up training projects to help the company implement the ideas presented in his/her keynote. It takes a lot of experience to envision a project that a client is willing to approve and even more experience to prepare a team to deliver the project which is the partnering experience Dycoco brings to the table.   

How to turn a keynote
into a million dollar training project

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