A great Keynote with all the right elements opens the door to million dollar follow up projects

“Until I met Michael, I had no idea how much better my storytelling could get.  I thought I had pretty much maxed out in terms of my ability, but, wow, was I wrong.   My keynotes have improved dramatically and a big part of it is because all of my stories are so much better now.  With  his helped I doubled the amount of useable stories I have to choose from now to build my keynotes.  More content, better stories and much better storytelling.  Thanks Michael.”

​​Joseph W - Professional Speaker - Medical Technology

​For good speakers to become great speakers, it almost always boils down to developing better stories and incidents and learning how to tell them better.   Easier said than done.  This is what Dycoco does best.   Help Speakers develop a lot of content reserve power and then rehearse them to tell those stories with more power and punch.   A great Speaker should have at least 50 great stories to draw from and Dycoco can help a Speaker find and perfect this material.

A great keynote is well planned and organized. The elements of a really great keynote include:

  • ​Fantastic stories very well told
  • Concise, relevant examples and illustrations
  • Using effective quotes, statistics and evidence
  • Effective opening and closing of Presentation (rapport generating, relevant, inspirational, engaging) 
  • Relevant animation and appropriate enthusiasm for audience
  • An effective keynote structure: 
  • Introduction / appreciation for introduction
  • Opening story, question or provocative statement
  • Overview / Big picture purpose for speech

When the keynote is well organized and the Speaker has great stories, incidents and examples to bring it to life, then the fundamentals are there for the Speaker to become a top tier Speaker.  With a coach like Dycoco, the Speaker will get better and better and generate more excitement and positive reactions from their audiences leading to more future opportunities

How to become

a much better Speaker / Communicator 

how good Speakers

become great Speakers 

how to turn a keynote

into a million dollar training project

  • ​Overview / Big picture purpose for speech

  • Key Points (evidence, examples, stories, quotes, stats, etc.)
  • Stories and incidents filled with drama, humor and showtime performance
  • Summaries and quick reviews as transitions
  • Interactive elements if useful and workable
  • Closing Summary
  • Closing Story with insightful ending
  • Humor (best used through incidents and storytelling)
  • Connection with audience ... emotional and intellectual.​

Great Speakers are nearly always very good story tellers. They develop stories from the experiences of their own lives that make their keynotes unique and interesting.  Far too many Speakers use generic stories that any other Speaker could use and although this material can be useful and funny, it isn’t original.  The best Speakers give their keynotes an overarching theme and support their ideas with real evidence that is varied, interesting and unexpected.   They have a refreshing and relevant level of enthusiasm and excitement for their message and connect with the audience.

Every Professional Speaker wants to make it to the absolute top tier where maximum speaking fees are generated and they are in high demand for important events filled with important people.  It helps to have a name that is well known like a famous celebrity, author, politician, entertainer or athlete, but that is not enough.  There are many in demand high fee speakers that are not famous at all.  They get to this top tier and develop a strong following because they deliver great keynotes.

Elements of a great keynote
and capabilities of top tier Speakers

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