Dycoco gives corporate training teams the most rigorous coaching, practice and feedback they’ve ever experienced

“Like most of the Speakers I know, I’ve never really had a coach work with  me on improving my keynotes.  I should have done this years ago.  The pace of my improvement is very surprising.  I thought I had pretty much maxed out in terms of my potential as a speaker.  I was wrong.  I am getting better every week now and it’s showing up in how audiences are responding.”

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Just as important, we have sold hundreds of big training projects to all kinds of companies and know how the process works.  We have the network of training professionals to deliver follow-up programs to a keynote and create ongoing repeat business.  Dycoco can become a Speaker’s best friend when it comes to creating more demand for keynotes and turning those keynotes into million dollar ongoing training projects that carry the brand forward for the speaker and generate ongoing royalties.

If you want to become a great speaker, trainer or facilitator that can work with small groups and larger audiences, we can coach you to achieve that goal.

Why is this?  The truth is, there really aren’t many people out there that are good at coaching speakers.  Lots of people can analyze whether their talk was effective or not. Lots of people can train on basics of storytelling and presentations skills, but when it comes to moving beyond the basics and getting to master the art of public speaking, very few people know how to coach speakers to achieve this.

Dycoco has more of this unique coaching capability than perhaps any other organization in the world. This ability was gained the hard way. Teaching thousands of people basic public speaking skills, listening to countless stories, then working with elite speakers and instructors over years to discover how to get them to discard bad habits and acquire good ones that lead to better stories, clearer points and effective animation to bring their message to life. Dycoco has thousands of hours of experience at conducting Navy Seals level training to help speakers break through the barriers that hold them back. 

We can take a good speaker and make him/her a great speaker and also take a great speaker and make him/her a top tier speaker. We know how to evaluate a talk, improve it, add things that are missing and get rid of what shouldn’t be there and we can do it quickly and efficiently. We can help a speaker improve his/her message, refine the key points and generate much more impact. We know how to rigorously rehearse a speaker and coach them to dramatically improve their delivery.

Every day, thousands of meetings are held around the world and professional speakers are brought in for every conceivable purpose and often paid big fees to motivate, inform, train, inspire and shake things up. Surprisingly, a high percentage of these speakers are nowhere near their full potential in terms of speaking skills. Often, their ideas and credentials are much better than their abilities to connect with an audience and generate a standing ovation experience. More importantly, these same speakers could easily use the strong rapport and trustworthiness they build when delivering their keynote to open the door to a large training project worth 50-100 times more than their keynote fee. But this rarely happens.

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