Dycoco can help speakers and authors turn a keynote into a million dollar training project

“Michael, just a quick note of thanks as we closed a $600,000 training project in follow up to the keynote on Sales I gave 6 months ago. Your help in creating a proposal, organizing the project and helping me tap into a delivery team was essential. I had no idea my keynotes could generate that kind of follow-up revenue. I see my career completely differently now. Thanks again!”

​​Frank A - Author and Professional Speaker on Sales and Sales Coaching

What most Speakers need is a partner that knows how to do this. DyCoCo can:

  • Create a big proposal that feels comfortable to a large corporate buyer
  • Take ideas from a keynote and convert them into training programs that can be bought by key decision makers
  • Help the Speaker brand their own training programs to make them easier to sell
  • Tap into a high quality delivery team that can deliver the training at a level of quality that will generate a lot of repeat business
  • Work long term with the speaker to generate ongoing sales and revenue
  • Create training and follow up work for the Speaker if that’s what they want to do

How to become

a great speaker 

Rigorous coaching for

Speakers to become a top tier,

in-demand speaker 

How to convert

a keynote to a large ongoing training project 

The question is, have any of your keynotes ever led to a million dollar plus project proposal and sale that turns your core message into a training/change project that is conducted for thousands of employees?   If yes, you probably don’t need Dycoco unless you need a network of highly trained delivery experts that can help you deliver what you can’t get to.   If, however, the answer is no, then Dycoco could dramatically change your future.  

A great keynote opens the door to a much bigger sale that most speakers are not aware of.  Much more money is spent on large training projects than is spent on keynote speakers.   A great keynote speech builds rapport and trust with the decision makers which is often the hardest step of all when trying to sell a big project.  That trust and goodwill can easily be converted into a big proposal.

Contact us to find out how more of your keynote speeches can lead to much more money from training projects and ongoing royalties.  

Let’s assume you’re a reasonably successful speaker. You’ve given a lot of paid speeches, you have a number of speeches booked on your calendar, you get a lot of standing ovations for your keynotes and you have a substantial file of satisfied clients and testimonials. You probably have a book and other back of the room items you can sell and possibly a newsletter and other subscription products. 

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