Michael St Lawrence - 17-week Times Best Selling Author and Founder of Salesgym.com, Dycoco and OutSell Consulting, Inc.

“Michael's team helped us develop the most effected sales and coaching programs we've ever had.  We fell into the trap of tolerating too much mediocrity as we got bluffed out into thinking all the answers were in better technology.  Now, our sales team is doing the stuff that matters.  Meeting with more high capacity buyers and using the absolute best consultative sales process out there.  Dycoco is the best..”

​​Robert S. - Director of Sales - Large Internet Technology Firm

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There are very few people that have spent more time working with top performing sales teams than Michael.   He learned early in his career that although some top performers are simply born with the talent and motivation to succeed, many need effective training, coaching and effective tools to achieve their potential.  

Through literally thousands of interviews with Sales Professionals and hundreds of projects with leading companies like Google, Morgan Stanley, Capital Group/American Funds, Yelp, Hotels.com, PIMCO, Time Warner, Cox Communications and many others, he has learned what works when it comes to quickly raising the performance of sales teams.   

Dycoco's unique approach to working with large and small Sales Organizations impact 4 things quickly.

  1. How Sales People interact with buyers/prospects/customers
  2. How Sales Managers coach their Sales People
  3. How Sale Executives coach their Sales Managers
  4. How the Sales Training team combines training and coaching to become a more powerful resource for the Sales Team

This 4-pronged approach address the key areas that will accelerate sales performance quickly and efficiently.

The truth is, most sales organizations focus a lot of their training and coaching resources on factors that simply don't make that much difference in terms of moving more average performers up into the top performer category.   This has been the focus of most of Michael's career and Dycoco brings together years of experience and innovation learned on thousands of project days around the world with good, bad and ugly sales teams to be able to offer clients:

  • Quick identification of where the low hanging fruit is in terms of sales performance improvement.  Dycoco is remarkable in their ability to quickly and inexpensively identify the changes that will generate the quickest results improvement.
  • A better sales approach that blends consultative and more assertive "challenger" sales methods in a way that can be learned, practiced and mastered.
  • Coaching and training for Sales Trainers so that they can instruct with more pace, relevance and challenge participants to grow faster and in ways that will impact performance quickly.   Dycoco offers a powerful sales trainer boot camp that is the most rigorous trainer development program offered anywhere, at any cost.
  • An experience evaluation of how Sales Managers are doing in terms of how they impact performance through their interactions with all members of the sales team.
  • Sales Executives can get an entire execution plan and system that includes training, coaching and follow-up the way the absolute best sales organizations do it.

Michael St. Lawrence is currently writing a new book called "Compete Selling" that draws on decades of research and experience working with top performing sales teams from the world's best companies.

We are on the outlook for knowledgable Sales Managers, Executives and Trainers to interview and quote in this new book.  If you or anyone you know has interesting and thought provoking ideas on building Great Sales Teams, please have them contact us.

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Michael St. Lawrence wrote the 17-week LA Times best seller , "If You're Not Out Selling, You're Being Out Sold"  which identified what Top Performing Sales Professionals believe are the core habits and skills that generate the superior results.  

Michael is the President and Founder of SalesGym, and Dycoco, llc, which are training and consulting companies helps sales organizations improve performance through more rigorous coaching, training and rapid transfer of top performer skills and habits throughout the sales teams.

In 1996, Michael started OutSell Consulting which grew to a 60-person, international consulting firm with clients including Google, Morgan Stanley, Avis, PIMCO, American Funds, Bank of America, Time Warner, Cox, Direct TV, Convergys and many others.   OutSell focuses on raising the performance of sales and customer service organizations around the world.  

Before OutSell, Michael was with  Dale Carnegie and ran National Sales, Global Accounts and New Product Development and was a national speaker, sharing stages with top business personalities including Tom Peters, Jack Welch, Harvey McKay and Anthony Robbins.  He managed 120 Dale Carnegie franchises.

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