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“The results we got from the week Dycoco spent with our corporate training team absolutely blew us away.  Our trainers were challenged and coached more intensely than they’ve ever been.  Every one of them became better storytellers, broke bad habits, learned to give quick and crisp directions and learned how to use demonstrations much more effectively.  I’ve brought in a lot of train the trainer people to work with my team, but Dycoco is at a much higher level.  Best training for trainers on the planet.”

​​Carolyn T - VP Training, Fortune 100 Company

Dycoco has the most effective, rigorous and results-oriented training and coaching for Corporate Training teams anywhere, at any price.   

Trainers will receive very direct and no-nonsense feedback and coaching that will help them build better delivery habits, break the bad habits they may have and raise the bar of what they think is even possible, when it comes to conducting training on topics like sales, coaching and customer service.

The missing ingredient...

in most sales training programs

Why so  many... 

sales training programs generate poor results

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for corporate sales trainers

Far too much of the training they receive focuses on “trainer tricks” or the content of a specific program.  What they really need to learn is:

  • Effective storytelling and building a big catalog of useful stories and incidents
  • How to do effective demonstrations that dramatically increase the learning pace
  • How to open and close any training program with relevant inspiration
  • How humor, credibility and a voice of authority interact with one another
  • How to give clear, concise directions that generate immediate positive action
  • How to summarize any discussion, activity or exercise effectively
  • How to transition from one concept/page/exercise to the next
  • The basics on conducting an effective practice session (role play)
  • Challenging class members to make steady incremental progress in practice sessions
  • How to make practice challenging, relevant and fun
  • How to conduct good way vs. bad way demonstrations start to finish
  • How to conduct effective contests that generate real positive competition
  • How much practice is really needed to learn an interactive skill like selling, solving customer problems, coaching, etc.
  • How to increase the pace of learning and eliminate wasted time in the classroom
  • How to reduce conflict with class members
  • How stories, quotes, articles and evidence can improve your credibility and overall impact
  • How to set up a room for maximum interactive potential

Over the last 15 years, we've asked hundreds of corporate trainers from leading companies what kind of coaching they’ve had over the years to become a better trainer?  Most reply with “little to none.”   Interestingly, conducting live, interactive training is a very difficult thing to learn which is why so many corporate trainers are nowhere near as good as they could be.  Here is the reality in terms of skills with 90%+ of corporate trainers:

  • Most have had limited training and coaching on live training and facilitation skills
  • Most training they receive is on content and how to use the training manuals
  • Most Trainers have had little to no coaching on how to tell great stories
  • Most Trainers do not know how to give clear concise directions that get participants into action with enthusiasm
  • Most Trainers that teach sales and customer service cannot give a fantastic demonstration of competitive advantages, value propositions and differentiating factors
  • A tiny fraction of Trainers really understand how to conduct a good role play / practice with partners exercise and an even smaller percentage knows how to incrementally challenge participants with repeated practice to keep it fresh, interesting and challenging.
  • Very few trainers have a reserve of 20+ stories and incidents they can use for inspiration, opening, closing, key points and humor
  • Most Trainers spend far too much time on content and way too little time on demonstrating, practice and coaching
  • When it comes to teaching sales and customer service interaction skills, demonstrations, practice and coaching is most important in the training room, which unfortunately tends to be what most trainers are weakest at.
  • Most Trainers talk way too much, coach too little and when their timing falls behind, what suffers is the time that should be used for practice.

Most corporate Trainers receive very little coaching on how to be effective at giving directions, coaching participants and delivering jaw-dropping sales process demonstrations.  

One of the most surprising things I’ve learned over the last 25 years while working with hundreds of training departments from leading companies and organizations is how little coaching and training their trainers get on the fundamentals of effective classroom training and coaching.  

Most of the training they do get is product specific, about how a particular program works, its key concepts and how the various exercises and elements of the training program work.  These TTT programs are nearly always rushed, rarely have any opportunity for real practice and coaching and pretty much give trainers the bare minimum of what they need to know to go out there and figure it out in a live event.  ​

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