Sales and Customer Service training should be as rigorous and demanding as the way world class athletes train but rarely is

“We took Michael’s advice and focused all of our Sales Training for 2014 on the Bedrock Sales Communication Tools and stopped all training on more “advanced” selling stuff.  What an impact it made.  I’ve been managing this sales team for 7 years and this is the first time that I hear everyone talking to our customers with confidence, conviction and a really powerful message.   Our activity levels up up a whopping 36% and we’re closing 15% more deals than we ever have.  The fundamentals really do pay off.”

​​Rick L - Sales Manager - Financial Services Sector

There are really five distinct types of
​sales training:

  1. How to generate sufficient activity levels with high
    ​capacity buyers
  2. Core sales communication on capabilities, differentiating factors, competitive advantages and value propositions
  3. How to use a proven sales process to improve all
    ​selling interactions
  4. Account development planning processes
  5. CRM and various electro-marketing tools

2-Day intensive boot Camp 

for corporate sales training teams

What are the Bedrock Sales 

Communication Tools 

Why Sales People 

often fail

An offer you can't refuse 

  • Ability to analyze strengths and weaknesses of sales and customer service teams compared to other world class competitors.
  • Identifying the transferable top performer skills and habits that all members of the sales and customer service teams, from agents to coaches and managers, must have to dramatically improve performance.
  • Experience in all aspects of sales and customer service including generating more selling activity, basic consultative selling skills, long cycle selling, selling complex accounts, account planning and development, solving customer problems and all the coaching skills needed to leverage the training after the classroom element is complete.
  • Ability to build training programs from the ground up that focus specifically on the interactive elements of selling, solving customer problems, coaching and managing.
  • Training methods that rigorously coach participants to not only intellectually understand what to do, but to get good at verbalizing those skills right there in the training.  This is, more often than not, the element that is missing in most sales and customer service training.
  • Follow up coaching after initial training is over.
    All phases of project launch expertise.

Dycoco's  capabilities include:

After interacting with thousands of sales people from many different sales organizations, we can say with absolute certainty that most people in sales that underperform do so because of poor ability in areas #1, #2 and #3.  Interestingly, more and more training tends to be on topics that would be categorized as #4 and #5.  This is because more and more sales organizations are unable or unwilling to truly confront the most obvious skills problem with their sales force -- the inability to communicate clearly, credibly and persuasively their strengths, competitive advantages and value proposition.

OutSell recruited and trained many Navy Seal level trainers and coaches to deliver these projects and prepare TTT programs for their clients.  What we learned through all those projects opened the opportunity to create Dycoco, which focuses on building world-class sales and customer service teams.

The idea and motivation to create Dycoco came from the hundreds of projects with sales and customer service teams that OutSell Consulting has conducted since 1996.  Companies like Google, Pimco, Avis, Yelp, MetLife have trusted OutSell to train their teams to do what top performers do.

Dycoco is focused on transforming the sales culture, building the skills of the internal trainers and identifying the top performer best practices that can be learned by the rest of the team.

Michael St Lawrence, the Founder of OutSell Consulting is the Founder of DyCoCo.

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